Less of a Shotgun Wedding, More of a Handgun Wedding

I just read a story about this 21 year old, Indian male, Pankaj Kishore Karotia who had just got married. His uncle decided to fire a celebratory gunshot in the air. Sadly, (or “naturally”) “As he was loading it, it fired accidentally and hit his newly-wed nephew in the head.” First of all, while I buy the part that shooting the nephew was an accident, I don’t buy “As he was loading it, it fired accidentally”. Maybe, I would accept “Shortly after loading it, he accidentally fired the gun” or (more…)

Learning something new every day

Thanks to the intrepid journalism of Jenn Thompson, I now know the “bizarre origins of wedding traditions.”

It’s definitely safe to call them bizarre, but who would have thought the practice of tossing bouquets and garters would have such a carnal root. (more…)

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