Texas Has Done This Before

This is just a blurb, but I think someone needs to point it out and I haven’t seen anyone do so. In 2005 The University of Texas’s QB, Vince Young, was a Heisman finalist. That award went to RB Reggie Bush of the University of Southern California, who Texas would soon be facing in the national championship game. Texas went on to win that game.

It’s 2009 now. The University of Texas’s QB Colt McCoy was a Heisman candidate. The Heisman was won, however, by RB Mark Ingram Jr. of Alabama. On Janurary 7, 2010 Texas will square off against Alabama in the national championship game. (more…)

Just Give Vince Young the Damn Ball

It’s time to give Vince Young another chance

Everywhere you look around the NFL you see over paid young QBs holding on to their jobs just because they’re supposed to be the face of the franchise. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Somehow Vince Young isn’t benefiting from that same illogic.

People forget that he’s 18-11 as a starter and led his team to the playoffs as a rookie. And, I mean, what’s a QB Rating anyway? (more…)

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VY till I die

Ed. Note: This is a cross-post from my UT Sports blog Hash Marks.

Boy, is VY having a tough time of it. I’ll admit, when I heard he left the season opener with an injury, part of me hoped it would keep him out a few weeks so he could take a deep breath and reset. Little did I know a media manifested mental meltdown was in the works. But sure enough, next thing you know Jeff Fisher is calling the cops to hunt him down and a crisis negotiator tags along just in case.
Now speculation is rampant. Is he losing it? Does he want to play football? Is he a coddled mamma’s boy?
I know media members have to speculate to some degree. Columnists wouldn’t be worth their salt if they don’t offer insight, ideas and possibilities. But when you’re coming out with theories on the mental health of an individual, you’re moving on to some shaky ground. (more…)

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