Taking Back Sunday – Self-titled – 1st Impressions

Tell All Your Friends! If you are a Taking Back Sunday fan you are where you want to be. You’re gonna wanna turn the new CD up louder now, because the line-up is new again.
New, except that it’s not. Taking Back Sunday, traditionally my favorite band, (though I’ve really gone a different direction lately in musical tastes) has brought back the original line-up from the Tell All Your Friends CD, which is just awesome. Ok, all the excitement from the fact that it’s the original line-up aside, let’s actually listen to self-titled album. (more…)

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Very Funny?

A few minutes ago I was NOT at all interested in watching the upcoming movie “Couple’s Retreat”. Sure it stars Vince Vaughn, and I like the guy. But I have never seen a movie trailer that looked more like a “made for TV” movie in my life. I could’ve sworn this was a TBS movie when I first saw the trailer. Can you figure out why? (more…)

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