Jim Knows Best!

Ok, check this out. On Steinersports.com you can find a Jim Leyritz autographed baseball with the inscription “Don’t Drink and Drive”. So is he sending a good message or making money off of a mistake? it looks to me like Steiner and Leyritz are profiting of his drunk driving accident that killed Fredia Veitch. To be fair Fredia Veitch was drunker than he was and was not wearing a seatbelt. That may be why he was acquitted of the DUI Manslaughter charge.

Steiner Comes Through! Ugh… Eh?

Well I thought it was only fair to Steiner to give readers an update in regard to the YANK909 fiasco I blogged about several days ago. On the 13th I was perusing a web forum and reading about the experience of other collectors in relation to their YANK909 Steiner orders. This inspired me to go to the Steiner website and check my order. I had checked a couple of days before and it said “departed”. This time it said “delivered”. I was taken aback because I hadn’t seen a package so I read on. Delivered October 13th at the front door. I stood up and ran outside and opened the door. Eureka! There was my package! Three Rawling’s Official Major League baseballs for $9.99. Amazing. But my positive Steiner experience is not being shared by many other collectors. (more…)

Steiner Buzzes The Collecting Community

Message boards centered around sports memorabilia came alive on Saturday. Steiner Sports had a promo code (YANK909) which allowed purchasers to get $50 off any order with no minimum to buy. So if you could find something for $49.99 then you only had to pay shipping and the item was yours. Virtually free. To good to be true? Probably. Collectors were suspicious but it did appear to be working. I did it myself and after placing my order I got an email which contained this… (more…)