Refreshingly Blunt Thoughts From Mark Grace

I was just looking through the January 25, Sports Illustrated with Brett Favre on the cover and I came across a little blurb in their Scorecard section. Former Chicago Cub and Arizona Diamondback, Mark Grace was explaining why it was he never used steroids in his playing career. “I just new that stuff was really bad for you. I am single now. I was a single guy then. I like my sex life. I want to be able to perform. It’s kind of funny. It’s kind of not. That stuff will tear you up as far as your manhood is concerned.”


Chris Ballard Takes On Sports Fans

Today I checked my mail and saw a Sports Illustrated with Alabama’s Colin Peek on the cover (Dec 14, 2009). As I normally do, I turned to the Point After column on the back page. Chris Ballard wrote this weeks piece, entitled “So Much Raging Bull”. He started it off with a paragraph about Tiger Woods in which he called B.S. on all those he say they weren’t curious about the Woods saga which has him cheating on his wife with maybe three different women. Blah. At first I found that boring and a waste of space for Point After. But then he used it as a segue to call B.S. on a number of other segments of sports fans. This part I loved. First up? Red Sox Nation! (more…)

This May Make You Wanna Cancel Your RD Subscription

I hate making a post where the most important thing I’m posting is a link. I’d rather create than distribute. But I just read a really long article that talks about what life is really like for those kids who go door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions and it’s really shocking. And the journalist dove deep into the subject in an attempt to find the root of the problem and possible solutions. Sadly, I got the impression that the solution will not be found unless there is great public outcry. And maybe I can contribute a tiny bit to that public outcry. By posting a link.