February 2010 Link Round-up; Highlights and Lowlights

On March 1st I take my ASVAB as I begin the road to Army OCS. But before I can do that I have to post the February 2010 link dump and the military had some news that will be making this list. For starters…

An unmanned Blackhawk Helicopter is in the works
. The only drawback is this assures there will be no sequel to Black Hawk Down. <Yahoo!>

I finally saw The Hurt Lockerand I thought it was great (though I’d love to hear from actual EOD personnel). Surprisingly those brilliant people who give it out major movie awards have acknowledged it’s greatness. Will the academy? <Yahoo!>

Crime does pay, and it pays very well (in Canada). <CBC>

Ever wonder what a baseball player’s fan mail looks like? Scroll down to February 25th on Pat Neshek’s blog. (more…)

Breaking Down the Comparisons Between Lindsey Vonn and Michael Phelps

Lindsey VonnTake a second and Google “Vonn the Next Phelps” (without the quotations). I did, and I got 73,400 hits! Granted many of those aren’t discussing whether or not Lindsey Vonn is the next Michael Phelps. But the whole first page is with Yahoo! and NBC among those chiming in. Let’s get one thing straight. Vonn is not, can not, and will not be the next Michael Phelps. I’ll breakdown why that is after the break. (more…)

The Olympics are actually pretty entertaining

I have a confession to make.

I’m enjoying these Olympics. Before they began, I thought I’d hardly watch them. But I caught the opening ceremonies, grudgingly admitted that it was an impressive spectacle and was intrigued. I was ready to give the games a chance.

Boy howdy was that a good decision. The other-wordly performance of Michael Phelps is something special. I’m not usually one to appreciate dominance—it’s pretty boring when you know the winner before the onset of the competition—but watching Phelps stalk super-extraordinary-once-in-a-lifetime-you have-to-make-up-a-word-just-to-describe-it-greatness is something I’ll remember.


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