Jason Heyward’s First At-Bat in Perspective

Jason Heyward made his anticipated Major League debut today and he hit a home-run in his first Major League at-bat. That’s really exciting for Atlants Braves fans. However, to keep things in perspective I compiled this list of St. Louis Cardinals Pitchers who hit a home run in their first major league at-bat, since the year 2001.

Mark Worrell 06-05-2008
Adam Wainwright 05-24-2006
Gene Stechschulte 04-17-2001

It’s Almost Here! 2010 Spring Training!

2010 MLB Spring Training
Six days and 15 hours until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training! Yes, my friends we are inside a week. We will all get our first chance to see some 2009 draft picks playing alongside and against major leaguers. Some of us will get the opportunity to see for themselves what these prospects are all about. (more…)

Jacque is Bacque

Jacque Jones spent the first 7 seasons of his Major League career in Minnesota with the Twins. Now he will possibly finish his career there. Or maybe his career will gets it’s second-wind and he will be around a few more years.

My first thought was to say that he doesn’t have much of a shot to make the big league roster this year. He hasn’t played since last year’s spring training, when he hit .089 for the Reds. .089… Ouch. (Granted, that was with only 45 ABs.) Then I noticed who he’ll be competing with (more…)

Random Red: Kevin Jarvis

In 1995 Kevin Jarvis was the number 4 prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization. He had briefly debuted in 1994, but had failed to leave his mark on that strike-shortened season. During his major league career he bounced around between 11 teams in 12 seasons. He also spent some time with the Chunichi Dragons in Japan. He appeared in at least 20 games only 4 times and spent some times in the minors in every season but his 2001 season. On top of all that, one Mariner’s fan remembers him as the worst pitcher ever. But as a former Red he is still a significant former major leaguers to me. (more…)

Jeff Samardzija Still a Top 50 Prospect?

According to MLB.com Jeff Samardzijais is the #50 prospect in baseball. I like the guy and want him to succeed, but at what point does he stop being a prospect? He’s turning 25 in less than a week and we can only say he’ll probably be in Chicago on opening day (and by “in Chicago” I mean in Atlanta with Chicago). So what’s going on with his career? Anyone care to provide any insight?

The most interesting item he has on eBay is either a Notre Dame mini-helmet signed by him and Brady Quinn and “authenticated” by GAI or a 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition “Status Signatures” #23 serial numbered 2/10. (more…)