A lesson from The Kingdom

I watched (half paid attention to) The Kingdom last night. As with any action movie, the narrative culminated in lots of explosions, automatic rifle fire and death. But none of the good guys died, and the hostage was saved. Time to leave the building.

As soon as I saw Jennifer Garner’s character take note of a child’s crying behind a door, I knew that they were about to take a detour, and the destination would be death.

Sure enough, the American’s sympathetic stalling led to the death of one of their number and two others besides.

But as I watched, I noted the cross-cutting between the three dying individuals. Mechanically, the incident provided the cursory death of a good guy, but thanks to the editing, it became something more.
It was a reminder that Over There, “good guys” and “bad guys” alike are dying for what they believe in. Maybe everyone is misguided; it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.

Death is the common denominator.

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