Anti-Law Enforcement Media Bias

This headline writer has no shame at all. “No indictment for officer in Taser dare” and the name of the page is even worse. “No indictment for officer who tased woman, 72, on a dare”. It makes it appear as though that was his sole reason for tasing her, when in fact, it wasn’t part of the equation. He felt he was unable to gain control of the situation with any other technique. He tried verbal commands and that didn’t work. He didn’t want to put his hands on her, I’m sure. So he tased her. Probably not the smartest move, but he didn’t “tase her on a dare.” That’s just bullshit (I tried not to use that phrase but nothing else fit) and the Houston Chronicle should be ashamed of itself for running that headline.


Tickets For Tots

A lot of stories have broken recently involving cops who mess up. From bringing a gun to a snowball fight to being involved in two drunk hit-and-runs in one night. But the overwhelming majority are officers who truly respect the law and got into the profession because they wanted to make a positive difference.

The Sansom Park Police Department in North Texas recently made national news for a program they have (more…)

Well if you can’t kill them…

How is this for a prison sentence? A Texas man (how embarrassing), James Kevin Pope, was sentenced to jail for… wait for it… 4,060 years! I’ve heard of like 200 year sentences and thought they were crazy, but wow. This guy is going away. Getting convicted on 40 charges of sexual assault and 3 charges of sexual performance of a child is not something that will endear you to judge Graham Quisenberry.

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