Yes, He Had To Die

Thursday, 18 year old Jose De La Rosa was shot by Harris County Sheriff’s deputies after he shot four people, killing two of them and then pulled a gun on the deputies. Now KHOU has this bleeding heart story asking whether or not Jose had to die. We get to see his family tell us what a good boy he was and we get to hear them complain that EMTs and deputies didn’t do enough to save Jose. KHOU even seems to be doing a little investigating into the response of the medical personnel. Give me a break. (more…)

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January 2010 Link Round-up; Highlights and Lowlights

Well due to the success of my 2009 link round-up I decided to make it a monthly think. So again, this link dump will feature content created in January 2010 and some older content which I just happened to come across this month.

The case against 5 former Blackwater guards was dropped after it was horribly mishandled by the prosecuting team. And I do mean horribly. <The Wall Street Journal>

The Mets were weird when they were good. <The Big Lead>

Avatar almost had to raise their MPAA rating. What I am a talking about? Why a deleted Na’avi sex scene involving those tentacles of theirs. <Filmdrunk> (more…)