The iPad: It’s an oversized iPod Touch! Or is it?

So, the Apple finally unveiled its iPad. I was cringing, waiting for the sickening outpouring of adulation from Apple fanboys and girls that would send me scurrying under a rock to hide and wait it out. It didn’t happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m a fan and am typing now on a MacBook Pro that I adore. If I could afford AAPL, I’d buy in. But like you, I’ve had one too many run-ins with Apple proselytizers and have grown weary of the whole routine.

So, the underwhelming response to Apple’s singularly underwhelming new product has been a real giggler. One criticism has rung out loud and clear above all others: It’s just an oversized iPod Touch!


I can’t help but laugh misanthropically at the characterization, but is it true? I decided to compare the two. (more…)

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