Count the Contradictions

I saw this comment in an article which stated Wal-Mart is going to start selling iPads. The comments after a news article are generally a source for some of the most inane, ignorant thoughts ever contributed to the Internet. They’re especially bad following articles relating to crime, but this one stood out because the article hardly covers a controversial topic. The crime related ones are just to easy to hate.

Wal-Mart single-handedly killed small town USA. They truly are “too big to fail” Stop and think what will happen if Wal-Mart suddenly went under.
It’s time to start pulling back and let them die a slow death.


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What’s On Your Mind?

A lot of Yahoo! users (and by extension, a lot of people around the world) have something on their mind. It’s not the war in Iraq, nor is it the war in Afghanistan. It’s not Obama and his peace prize. It’s not even the economy, gas prices or unemployment rates amazingly enough. No. If Yahoo! rank their most popular searches accurately it’s something a touch more trivial. (more…)

Google: key to wisdom or trapdoor to idiocy?

Nicholas Carr lays out the case for the idea that Google makes us dumb here. (Thanks TBL.)

By coincidence, the same day I read that, I ended up using Google Reader for the first time. Before, I’d always thought Google Reader was a bit of a cheat. The Internet already delivers everything to us in one spot, and now in one smaller spot, Google delivers the Internet we want to see to us. It just seemed a bit lazy. Isn’t that what bookmarks are for?

Now that I have to become a sudden expert on the Dallas Cowboys, I set up a Google Reader with all sorts of RSS feeds piping Cowboys news straight to me. It will make me more knowledgeable about the Cowboys, but can it make me any smarter? Or might it do the exact opposite?


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The Places I Have Come To Love The Most

Since graduating and moving home I have not had much of anything going on. The Internet has given me something to keep my mind off the mind numbing boring routine that has become my life, and in addition to that, I got a gym membership and I go job hunting from time to time. But let’s face it. These days if you walk into a place and inquire about a job they tell you “You need to apply online.” No one wants human to human interaction anymore if it can possibly be avoided. So basically I’m on the Internet when I’m job hunting as well as when I’m sitting around doing nothing. All that to say, I’m always on the Internet and I’m going to share with you the sites that I frequent most often.

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