Mark Grudzielanek Signs With the Indians

Cleveland signed Mark Grudzielanek to a minor league deal today. Is it just me or does it seem like he’s been in baseball for forever? I looked at his stats though and the one-time All-Star did hit .299 in 2008 in 86 games for the Kansas City Royals so he seems still quite viable as a major league baseball player though he didn’t get a shot in the bigs last season. Hopefully he’ll find a spot on the big league roster this year.

It’s amazing how few of his items you’ll find on eBay considering he’s played 14 seasons up to this point. (more…)

Reds Land Chapman; Plenty of Work Remains For Both

Well the Reds have been eerily quiet this off-season. In January they signed one player and that was Laynce Nix who they’re bringing back. It’s not a move that excites me as a Red’s fan, but it doesn’t bother me either. So far in January they added Josh Anderson, which for me is a very exciting acquisition. Now it appears they’ve landed another free agent. The vaunted, Aroldis Chapman. Whether or not this is a good signing is going to be widely debated for awhile. Even if he starts off with a great couple of years, we have no idea how quickly he’ll deteriorate. Because we really don’t know how old he is. Is he 22? Or is he 26 like some reports have indicated? (more…)

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History Will Decide?

An headline reads “History will decide victor of Cubs-M’s deal”. I find that to be completely untrue. Because let’s imagine Milton Bradley goes to Seattle and puts up outstanding numbers while Carlos Silva puts up dismal numbers in Chicago. Theoretically history would have Seattle as the winner. If Bradley does poorly and Silva does great then Chicago will be the “winner”. I just don’t think this trade works like that. Most do. But this one is different. (more…)

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