What’s On Your Mind?

A lot of Yahoo! users (and by extension, a lot of people around the world) have something on their mind. It’s not the war in Iraq, nor is it the war in Afghanistan. It’s not Obama and his peace prize. It’s not even the economy, gas prices or unemployment rates amazingly enough. No. If Yahoo! rank their most popular searches accurately it’s something a touch more trivial. (more…)

This must be a recession; even Google is hurting

It seems like Google can do no wrong, and from reading the story they haven’t. But in this economic climate, that couldn’t stop their stock from slipping by 7.6 percent. As a matter off fact, Google is still growing. It’s making more money than ever before; it’s just that it didn’t meet expectations.

And you’re the problem.


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Google: key to wisdom or trapdoor to idiocy?

Nicholas Carr lays out the case for the idea that Google makes us dumb here. (Thanks TBL.)

By coincidence, the same day I read that, I ended up using Google Reader for the first time. Before, I’d always thought Google Reader was a bit of a cheat. The Internet already delivers everything to us in one spot, and now in one smaller spot, Google delivers the Internet we want to see to us. It just seemed a bit lazy. Isn’t that what bookmarks are for?

Now that I have to become a sudden expert on the Dallas Cowboys, I set up a Google Reader with all sorts of RSS feeds piping Cowboys news straight to me. It will make me more knowledgeable about the Cowboys, but can it make me any smarter? Or might it do the exact opposite?


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Gmail users rejoice

If you’re like me, you don’t use your default e-mail client because you’re fully aware that Gmail is the best thing out there. And if you’re like me, it saddens you that mailto: links don’t work. Rather, they open an installation wizard.

Gmail\'s Logo


If you’re like me, then you’re like


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