Polly Scattergood and UK Music

There’s something about the music that comes from the UK. Often the Americans who come across it cling to it and elevate it above where they might place it if it was American. I assume this is because foreign is sexy. I mean, you might be indie if you like listen to Saddle Creek Records, but if your musical selection is so elite you have to go overseas to find anything good, then you must really have discriminating tastes, right?

That being said I personally would rather listen to music out of the UK than most anything you’ll find on Top 40 American radio. (more…)

Crash course in a foreign language

Ever wish you could read a different language?
Well if you can’t, I can’t help you.
But I know how you can pretend to read a different language. Pretty intriguing eh?
Actually, it’s really easy. All you’ve got to do is read a story on cricket. You’ll understand the vast majority of the words. You’ll know more or less what it all means.
But it will feel totally and completely foreign.
Check it out.

A keenly fought series is predicted and England are in need of a good result, having dropped to fourth in the ICC Test Championship, while South Africa have moved above them, and India, into second.


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