There is a Reason Some Dogs are Put Down

I like dogs generally. But I also think that when a dog attacks a person someone should consider putting it down. There is certainly times when putting the dog down is completely unnecessary, like when a dog gets a little too exited and bites someone or when a human triggers a defense mechanism in the dog. Other times though it is obvious that the dog has to go. I would say that just about anytime three dogs attack someone passing by their house then it’s time for those dogs to go. (more…)

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Sounds More Like a Michael Vick Fan

A man took his girlfriend’s pit bull puppy for a walk Sunday, minutes before the Steeler’s game was to begin. Unfortunately for the puppy this man,William Woodson, of Bridgeville, was a Steelers fan. The dog was “uncooperative” on this walk prompting the man to hurry things along by kicking it down the road. (more…)