How The Big Lead is just like Jimmy Eat World

It occurred to me that bands and blogs are a lot alike — and it’s not just because they both do most of their work from mom’s basement.
New blogs and new bands emerge at approximately the same dizzying rate, and a very small percentage of both achieve even a modicum of success.
Neither blogs nor bands tend to make money, but they pour themselves into the effort for love of the effort.
Both can be accused of selling out if a corporate entity snaps them up and starts making changes.

So, I thought I’d take it a step further and match up blogs with their respective bands. This isn’t deep analysis. It’s the manifestation of my various biases coupled with my inadequate knowledge.


Deadspin changes hands

In case you’re living under a rock that doesn’t exist in the blogosphere, let me be the first to tell you: Will Leitch is out at Deadspin. A.J. Daulerio is in.

If you’re unaware, it’s certainly not for lack of trying on their part. No less than six posts over the last two days are about Deadspin itself and the changes there. Daulerio says he won’t be changing much. Smart move.

One thing I would change though, drop the “we” nonsense. If you ever see “we” on this blog, that’s because there are two of us, and it’s appropriate. But I am writing this particular post.

We keep it simple here. (more…)

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