Random Link Round-up

This photo is still awesome.

This here is a link round-up. At times I’ve done them for s certain month or year… this is just… links that I think are interesting. I’m bored. This stuff deserves to be read.

The Morgan Ensberg Index Don’t you wish you had a stat named after you? Also check out his Joust video.

A note on tipping. I don’t completely buy into what he’s say, but it still needs to be read by people who have never waited tables.

The down of Barry Halper; Baseball Collecting’s Bernie Madoff
– Pretty sweet reader for memorabilia collectors.

Atlanta schools take testing seriously. Ethics be damned.

I didn’t know they existed… Washington prospects not named Bryce Harper?

Documentary Round-Up

I’ve been on a bit of a documentary kick lately. I’ve already talked about I.O.U.S.A. and I just finished Maxed Out, which takes on personal debt and the credit card companies as opposed to the national debt. Just like I.O.U.S.A. it serves as a wake-up call for financial responsibility. I first had this wake-up call after attending a Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace class about a year ago and I can’t stress enough how important is for the individual to maintain financial responsibility. Debt is crushing people out there so I suggest you take control before it comes down on you. (more…)

Goodbye Bernie Mac

I must not know nearly as much as I thought I did about pneumonia. Not that I thought I knew a whole lot. But I certainly did not understand just how dangerous it really was. I thought it killed only babies and senior citizens. At 50 Bernie Mac was not exactly young, however to hear that he died of complications from pneumonia is pretty shocking. I wasn’t a big Bernie Mac fan in the sense that I didn’t seek out his work specifically or watch his movies just to see Bernie Mac. However, in every movie I did see him he made me laugh and he did without offending me which is a nice bonus. Granted I’m pretty hard to offend. So it’s quite sad to see him go. To some 50 may not sound that young. I kinda feel like he died young though.I feel like he had a lot more work to do and material to put out so it is sad that we will not have the opportunity to see him again.
Rest in peace Bernie Mac.

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