Goodbye Bernie Mac

I must not know nearly as much as I thought I did about pneumonia. Not that I thought I knew a whole lot. But I certainly did not understand just how dangerous it really was. I thought it killed only babies and senior citizens. At 50 Bernie Mac was not exactly young, however to hear that he died of complications from pneumonia is pretty shocking. I wasn’t a big Bernie Mac fan in the sense that I didn’t seek out his work specifically or watch his movies just to see Bernie Mac. However, in every movie I did see him he made me laugh and he did without offending me which is a nice bonus. Granted I’m pretty hard to offend. So it’s quite sad to see him go. To some 50 may not sound that young. I kinda feel like he died young though.I feel like he had a lot more work to do and material to put out so it is sad that we will not have the opportunity to see him again.
Rest in peace Bernie Mac.

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Bo Fo Sho

Let me introduce you to Bo Burnham. If you know who he is then I guess I can’t really do that. But you probably do not. Bo is a hilarious singer/songwriter who finds wordplay to be child’s play. I discovered him for myself on His user page has most of his songs. But he just released an EP called Bo Fo Sho on iTunes and some of the songs can only be found there.

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