Aroldis Chapman Card to Get

Right now could be the best time ever to sell Aroldis Chapman baseball cards. If he doesn’t live up to the hype the prices will fall, and probably drastically. Naturally that means it’s not a good time to buy Chapman. Even though his cards do have room to grow more valuable, it simply isn’t likely. Being as he is a new Cincinnati Red, I’d like to add some Chapman cards to my collection. After scanning eBay though I decided I’ll wait. The prices aren’t horrible or anything, I just don’t want his cards so badly that I can’t wait for them to devalue. That being said, here is a Chapman card I came across that would be an awesome addition.

Reds Land Chapman; Plenty of Work Remains For Both

Well the Reds have been eerily quiet this off-season. In January they signed one player and that was Laynce Nix who they’re bringing back. It’s not a move that excites me as a Red’s fan, but it doesn’t bother me either. So far in January they added Josh Anderson, which for me is a very exciting acquisition. Now it appears they’ve landed another free agent. The vaunted, Aroldis Chapman. Whether or not this is a good signing is going to be widely debated for awhile. Even if he starts off with a great couple of years, we have no idea how quickly he’ll deteriorate. Because we really don’t know how old he is. Is he 22? Or is he 26 like some reports have indicated? (more…)

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Favorite Team and Favorite Player Collide!

Well this pretty much perfect. My favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. My favorite player, Josh Anderson who I just blogged about today. Now Josh has signed a deal with the Cincinnati Reds! What’s funny is I find out by looking at my blog stats and seeing someone searched “Cincinnati Reds-Josh Anderson”. I was immediately like, “Did he sign with them?!” (more…)

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Congrats To The Yankees

Oh no! the Yankees won the World Series! That was my expected reaction, and I still would have greatly preferred to see the Phillies win over the Evil Empire. But, I think the better team won here. I think we saw some great baseball from both sides and I think the fans won in this World Series. Here’s why I say that. (more…)

The Rookie Cards

My baseball card collection centers around two things. Cards of anyone who have EVER played for the Cincinnati Reds and autographs. However, any good baseball card collector knows and appreciates the significance of rookie cards. They are usually the most highly sought base card of a given player and that is often reflected by their “book value”. “Book values” mean nothing to me as I rarely sell cards and because nothing sells at book, but the pull of the RC still inspires me to acquire cards of guys I wouldn’t otherwise collect. Here are some rookie cards I have, I want, and I’m never going to get. (more…)

This is news?

Manny Ramirez shoved a team traveling secretary to the ground in June and there was virtually no news about it and no response from fans. On Saturday, after hitting his 607th homerun, Ken Griffey Jr. made a throat slash gesture towards Jeff Brantley who was tucked safely away in his booth. Granted this was an on-field gesture and it was inappropriate but how does it get more attention than the Ramirez story? One reason is because Griffey has such a clean slate. But isn’t that sort of backwards? Shouldn’t we be able to forgive and forget easier since he has such a clean record? I think it’s more funny than anything else. No one was hurt. Sure he probably embarrassed himself but that’s at his own expense. I’m sure the Red Sox traveling secretary felt pretty humiliated when he got pushed to the ground by Manny. Manny’s actions held a level (albeit a small one) of actual physical violence. Griffey’s gesture could be perceived as a threat but… honestly? I see it as more of a “go to hell, Brantley” than any sort of threat. So while I do not approve of him doing it, I just don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

What ever happened to Pokey Reese

I was just sitting and thinking and all the sudden Pokey Reese popped into my head. I’m a long time fan of the Reds and because of that I’m generally a fan of any Red or former Red. So where did Pokey Reese go? He was never amazing, but he always struck me as someone who would be in the big leagues for a long time. Then again I was 12 years old when he broke into the bigs. What did I know?