February 2010 Link Round-up; Highlights and Lowlights

On March 1st I take my ASVAB as I begin the road to Army OCS. But before I can do that I have to post the February 2010 link dump and the military had some news that will be making this list. For starters…

An unmanned Blackhawk Helicopter is in the works
. The only drawback is this assures there will be no sequel to Black Hawk Down. <Yahoo!>

I finally saw The Hurt Lockerand I thought it was great (though I’d love to hear from actual EOD personnel). Surprisingly those brilliant people who give it out major movie awards have acknowledged it’s greatness. Will the academy? <Yahoo!>

Crime does pay, and it pays very well (in Canada). <CBC>

Ever wonder what a baseball player’s fan mail looks like? Scroll down to February 25th on Pat Neshek’s blog. (more…)

Do I Rejoice?

Bud Selig is planning on leaving the position of Commissioner of Major League Baseball in 2012. (Sign of the end of times?) He says he wants to pursue other interests. I’m wondering what this means for Major League Baseball. My first instinct is that his departure will be good for the MLB. It is impossible to be certain though. Whatever things he’s done or failed to do has led up to baseball being where it is right now. And where is that? Well it’s still a very profitable place to be and it’s still a very popular place to be. While these two facts don’t necessarily mean he was awesome, to me they at least mean he did a fine job. (more…)

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver miss the point. Completely.

What a great All Star game that was. Too bad the announcers didn’t seem to enjoy it. They were too worried about protecting pitchers’ arms and the possibility of a tie game.

There was no way in hell that game was going to end in a tie. It “means something” now just to make sure of that, and Bud Selig would look like a complete jackass (again) if he called another tie. And yet, as the game progressed through the 12th, 13th and 14th innings, all we TV viewers heard were the alarmed grumblings of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. It’s as if they didn’t realize the Mid-Summer Classic was turning into just that.