I Have to Say It… Who Dat?

Drew BreesJust a blurb here, but I just finished watching Super Bowl XLIV and that was a great game. It was a lot closer than the final score of 31-17 made it appear and it was great watching the New Orleans Saints keep their heads up and after the Colts jumped out to an early 10-0 lead. The Colts simply dominated the first quarter and it looked as though they might be unstoppable. But Brees and his guys stuck together and turned things around in the second quarter. They didn’t score any touchdowns, but they started moving the ball. Kicker Garret Hartley was superb when he was needed and then Brees and his offense started doing what they do.

Sean Payton was gutsy throughout the game. It didn’t always work out, but when they recovered that onside kick, I think any doubters realized the Saints could win the game. Yahoo’s NFL blogger over at The Shutdown Corner is eating his words right now after posting a hast first-half blog about Sean Payton’s vanity. (more…)

“Drunk” 4 Year Old Steals Presents From Neighbors and Cross-dresses

Headline says it all. Or does it? (The rambling and dis-jointedness of what I write in the following paragraphs is only logical considering the bizarreness of the situation. Anyone who wants to sit down and give you a completely put-together monologue on this matter is fooling themselves.) This story can actually be analyzed and pulled into tiny pieces with just a few of the facts being used. I will do that shortly. But first! The video. (more…)