Well I Called That

Just a few days ago I mentioned that Allen Iverson was retiring for the first time. Well, I was right that it wouldn’t be his last. Granted, I can’t feel too impressed with myself because I’m sure everyone saw it coming. But yes, A.I. is back. And he’s back with the Philadelphia Sixers no less! Kudos to the LA Times story I saw that confirmed his comeback for including the “practice” video at the end of their article. I had never seen that before. It’s so entertaining that I have to include it. The only difference is this version counts how many times he uses the word “practice”. (more…)

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A.I. Retires For The First Time

10-time All-Star Allen Iverson is planning on retiring according to Stephen A. Smith. I don’t follow the NBA enough to say whether or not I saw this coming, but after reading this part of the article I will tell you that I think I see something else coming.

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