Joe Buck and Tim McCarver miss the point. Completely.

What a great All Star game that was. Too bad the announcers didn’t seem to enjoy it. They were too worried about protecting pitchers’ arms and the possibility of a tie game.

There was no way in hell that game was going to end in a tie. It “means something” now just to make sure of that, and Bud Selig would look like a complete jackass (again) if he called another tie. And yet, as the game progressed through the 12th, 13th and 14th innings, all we TV viewers heard were the alarmed grumblings of Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. It’s as if they didn’t realize the Mid-Summer Classic was turning into just that.


Final Vote Curse?

While reminiscing in his blog Twin’s Relief Pitcher, Pat Neshek, made a startling observation. He suggests (in jest?) that there may be Final Vote curse. Let’s look at his evidence