Magenta Madness! Another “Josh Anderson 1/1 Post”

Josh Anderson 2008 Topps Co-signers Magenta Printing PlateWell after a long wait I was able to reel in my third Josh Anderson 1/1. This one a 2008 Topps Co-Signers Magenta plate. So I’m wondering… Does this make me a supercollector yet? I also have a game-used and autographed Anderson bat, plus around 15 other different certified autographs of him and 9 different base cards I’ve gotten signed by him. Am I there yet? I’ve collected Eric Davis for years, but never considered myself on the supercollector level. (more…)

New Printing Plate

I got another printing plate today. This means I’ve gone from zero one-of-ones to three in just a couple months. Which just goes to show how common and far from rare they are. Individually of course, they are very rare. But if you want a “one-of-one” you can get one easily. This is a Chris Denorfia 2006 Flair Showcase. Denorfia played 67 games for the Cincinnati Reds from 2005 to 2006, so it’s a good card for my team collection. He has not really made a hobby impact or an impact in the big leagues, but only a few do. He’ll be headed to spring training with the San Diego Padres and hopefully he will see some time on their big league roster this year.

He only has one standout item on eBay right now and that’s 2006 Upper Deck Auto-Facts printing plate. The seller wants $49.95. I don’t think it will sell. I got my plate for much cheaper than that.

Another Josh Anderson 1/1

I purchased my second 1/1 Josh Anderson. This one for only $9.99 plus shipping.Josh Anderson Magenta Plate


Eric Lands a White Whale

I won my first “true” 1/1 on eBay yesterday. The card is a 2008 Topps Triple Threads Josh Anderson with an autograph, 2 games used jersey swatches and a patch piece. Serial numbered 1/1 of course. I just recently started my Josh Anderson PC and it has been growing pretty quickly. I haven’t found a lot of competition and was surprised that I was forced to pay $32 for this card. (more…)