Fore! get About Facts

The TMZ story alleging that Elin Nordegren was attacking husband, Tiger Woods apparently is more convincing to some people than the citation for careless driving. While it does stand to reason that he could have been attacked while driving carelessly, you’d think that if that was the case they would have let him off the hook for driving carelessly. But whether or not that happened, I think it’s now obvious that it won’t go down as the official story. (more…)

Thank God Tiger is missing the Ryder Cup

We all knew Tiger Wood’s injury will keep him out of the Ryder Cup. Now, we know he won’t be showing up to support the United States team. Thank God.

As Slate Magazine taught us, golfers perform worse when Tiger is in the field.



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Golf swing for sale

What does it mean that we’re now selling golf swings?

“You’ve got to try this golf swing!” an ad for the Stack and Tilt method proclaims.

I’d heard of the Stack and Tilt only recently, and only in comparison to Jim Hardy’s “One-plane swing.” Hardy doesn’t bother me. His theory is that some golfers naturally have a one-plane swing and some golfers naturally have a two-plane swing. Finding the proper swing, and forgetting fundamentals intended for the other swing are the supposed key to success.

I came across the Stack and Tilt because it was being compared to the One-plane swing. It was a discussion on a web forum. People took sides, and nothing was determined. Just your typical Internet discussion, I thought.

But it seems the creators of Stack and Tilt have found the one proper way to swing a golf club. Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Bobby Jones, Tiger Woods. That’s just a small list of players who haven’t figured it out yet or never did. (more…)

Nationwide Tour player lets you know how he really feels

Like any good modern athlete, Jarrod Lyle has a website.

The current Nationwide Tour money leader has all the usual features on his site. There’s the photo gallery, the “blog” —you’ll see why I use quotation marks if you click that link — and, of course, a bio. Reading the bio, you learn that Lyle overcame acute myeloid leukemia in 1999. You also learn how he felt about: “It was pretty much a shit of a time in my life.”

Nice to see such candor, especially coming from his official PR machine. Love those Aussies; they’re always keepin’ it real.

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