January 2010 Link Round-up; Highlights and Lowlights

Well due to the success of my 2009 link round-up I decided to make it a monthly think. So again, this link dump will feature content created in January 2010 and some older content which I just happened to come across this month.

The case against 5 former Blackwater guards was dropped after it was horribly mishandled by the prosecuting team. And I do mean horribly. <The Wall Street Journal>

The Mets were weird when they were good. <The Big Lead>

Avatar almost had to raise their MPAA rating. What I am a talking about? Why a deleted Na’avi sex scene involving those tentacles of theirs. <Filmdrunk> (more…)

Wes Sims Does Not Look Like A Professional Fighter (Before, During or After the Fight)

Wes Sims could destroy me in a fight. He’d destroy me with one hand tied behind his back. That out of the way, Wes Sims is the worst looking professional MMA fighter I’ve ever seen in my life as a casual fan. From his body to his technique the man just looks awful. This video is from the Strikeforce: Miami event the other night.


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Jeff Samardzija Still a Top 50 Prospect?

According to MLB.com Jeff Samardzijais is the #50 prospect in baseball. I like the guy and want him to succeed, but at what point does he stop being a prospect? He’s turning 25 in less than a week and we can only say he’ll probably be in Chicago on opening day (and by “in Chicago” I mean in Atlanta with Chicago). So what’s going on with his career? Anyone care to provide any insight?

The most interesting item he has on eBay is either a Notre Dame mini-helmet signed by him and Brady Quinn and “authenticated” by GAI or a 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition “Status Signatures” #23 serial numbered 2/10. (more…)

eBay Gift Cards on eBay

I just noticed that if you search eBay for eBay gift cards you’ll find them going for a dollar or two above their value. I looked and you can buy them on eBay with free shipping. You can even get them personalize and customized. But people would rather pay a slight premium to get them from other sources. Can anyone explain this to me? Frankly it seems stupid. Take this one for instance $100 in gift cards. Currently at $103.53 and the seller only has a feedback score of 28. What gives?

Cyber Monday?

Americans have a new reason to ramp up their massive consumerism! Cyber Monday has arrived! Ok, so the term has existed for a few years now, but I’m hearing it for the first time. Cyber Monday is the day when supposedly online sales peak. So we are encouraged to celebrate by buying more! Now I’m not opposed to online retailers using the term as an excuse to offer great discounts and sell things at a cheaper price. I support any excuse to discount items. What I hate is how Cyber Monday is presented to us all as the day when we’re supposed to buy things online. And it’s done in a “didn’t you know this already?” fashion. (more…)

2009 Oxford Word of The Year!

Unfriend v. – “To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

There’s your 2009 Oxford word of the year. I like it. It certainly has slipped into my vocabulary and when I use the word, unfriend, everyone know what I mean. It is certainly a better choice than it’s twitter-related fellow finalist, “hashtag” or the political “birther”. I mean really… Who knew that was a way of describing someone who doesn’t believe Obama was born in the US? Also, according to Oxford lexicographer Christine Lindberg, the word has “real lex appeal”… Whatever that means. (more…)

Good For Marcus

So Marcus Jordan wore Nikes instead of Adidas basketball shoes in the University of Central Florida’s game against St. Leo University on Thursday. Adidas responded by canceling their 3 million dollar endorsement deal with UCF. Personally I think it’s the right move by Marcus. His dad and Nike have always had a great relationship and their Air Jordan shoe has been extremely profitable for years now. The shoe itself is legend. How could anyone expect the son of Mr. Air Jordan himself to wear the rival basketball shoe? (more…)

Durant no place for that here. (Get it?)

KD Facebook1

I’m the last person that would ever stand up and demand the silencing or censoring of criticism. When you pretend to be a journalist sometimes, you simply can’t think that way.

But if my buddies on facebook were using my wall to give me shit and tear me down, they wouldn’t be around for long. Facebook is supposed to be like the therapist’s couch—a safe place where you can communicate to an audience that really doesn’t give a damn.

Unless of course, your name is Kevin Durant.


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Old criticism, new media

“Their information was taken mostly from the newspapers, and their scripts were heavy with feature stories and personal opinions delivered in parenthetical, snide asides.”

Sounds like criticism of the blogosphere, right? Actually, that’s Walter Cronkite commenting on early radio. Newspapers received similar criticism in their early days too. It makes you think that the “snark” of blogs, while here to stay, has less to do with the medium and more to do with human nature.

FYI, the quote came from Cronkite’s autobiography “A Reporter’s Life”

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Now appearing at UWire

While this blog has taken a nap, Eric and I plan to wake it up any day now. In the meantime, I’ve found another outlet.

I’ve recently been tabbed by UWire to contribute to its new NCAA basketball roundtable discussion. I made my first post today. The entry presents Bob Knight’s casse to be named the next coach at the UGA. I believe it.

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