Random Red: Kevin Jarvis

In 1995 Kevin Jarvis was the number 4 prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization. He had briefly debuted in 1994, but had failed to leave his mark on that strike-shortened season. During his major league career he bounced around between 11 teams in 12 seasons. He also spent some time with the Chunichi Dragons in Japan. He appeared in at least 20 games only 4 times and spent some times in the minors in every season but his 2001 season. On top of all that, one Mariner’s fan remembers him as the worst pitcher ever. But as a former Red he is still a significant former major leaguers to me. (more…)

eBay Gift Cards on eBay

I just noticed that if you search eBay for eBay gift cards you’ll find them going for a dollar or two above their value. I looked and you can buy them on eBay with free shipping. You can even get them personalize and customized. But people would rather pay a slight premium to get them from other sources. Can anyone explain this to me? Frankly it seems stupid. Take this one for instance $100 in gift cards. Currently at $103.53 and the seller only has a feedback score of 28. What gives?

Cyber Monday?

Americans have a new reason to ramp up their massive consumerism! Cyber Monday has arrived! Ok, so the term has existed for a few years now, but I’m hearing it for the first time. Cyber Monday is the day when supposedly online sales peak. So we are encouraged to celebrate by buying more! Now I’m not opposed to online retailers using the term as an excuse to offer great discounts and sell things at a cheaper price. I support any excuse to discount items. What I hate is how Cyber Monday is presented to us all as the day when we’re supposed to buy things online. And it’s done in a “didn’t you know this already?” fashion. (more…)

You Owe $38,973

That’s right. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Then, by all means, do more research to see if it’s accurate. I was alerted to this by a documentary I just watched called I.O.U.S.A. It features Warren Buffet, Alan Greenspan, Robert Bixby, Ron Paul, David Walker and several presidents and other politicians. I would really love to see an updated version, now that our national debt has taken off even more than I believe they anticipated. You can watch the video on Netflix or in parts on youtube. Also there is a micro-version on youtube, which is probably good. (more…)

Steiner Comes Through! Ugh… Eh?

Well I thought it was only fair to Steiner to give readers an update in regard to the YANK909 fiasco I blogged about several days ago. On the 13th I was perusing a web forum and reading about the experience of other collectors in relation to their YANK909 Steiner orders. This inspired me to go to the Steiner website and check my order. I had checked a couple of days before and it said “departed”. This time it said “delivered”. I was taken aback because I hadn’t seen a package so I read on. Delivered October 13th at the front door. I stood up and ran outside and opened the door. Eureka! There was my package! Three Rawling’s Official Major League baseballs for $9.99. Amazing. But my positive Steiner experience is not being shared by many other collectors. (more…)