Overrated? Let’s Discuss That. Pt. 3/3

And the big finish! (We’re dismembering a Top 50 Most Overrated All Time list published on bleacher-report.com
20. Dave Stewart I didn’t realize Dave Stewart was highly rated. Also you say “Consistency makes you a great player. Glimpses of greatness makes you overrated.” Consistency hasn’t meant anything to you on several of the aforementioned players. Also glimpses of greatness do not make you overrated. Being viewed more highly than you should be makes you overrated.

19. Jason Giambi I won’t argue about him.

18. Thurman Munson “Sadly, Munson is glorified for how his life ended, which seems to inflate his play.” Ouch. From what I udnerstand he was a huge part of the team, the captain even when he died. He collected over 1500 hits in 11 seasons and had an average of .292. You compare him to Carlton Fisk and Johnny Bench, but generally when he is spoken of he isn’t compared to them. He’d be overrated if he was. But he is given proper credit for his abilities as a ballplayer and the effect he had on the team and fans in New York.

17. Bucky Dent I don’t really hear anything about him other than news related to his coaching positions and the Bucky ####ing Dent home run. For that reason it’d be hard for me to call him overrated.

16. Pee Wee Reese I won’t argue this one.

15. Joe Carter “Joe Carter is remembered solely for his play in the World Series.” If that is true, why is he overrated? All in all I wouldn’t argue this one much, the writer just argues them in such an odd way.

14. Barry Zito I won’t argue with this one I suppose…

13. Nomar Garciaparra I see where you are coming from on this one but I do think his acclaim went down considerably as his play deteriorated. But ok.

12. Mike Piazza See Nomar.

11. Jack Clark Never knew he was highly rated, but ok.

10. Mark McGwire Cheater. Hell yes. Overrated? Now? Now everyone almost acts like he never existed. Hard to call that overrated. Maybe I just believe in the baseball fan community too much, and maybe that’s why I find this list so problematic but I really think the fans adjust the levels of credit they give a guy pretty accurately as the guys play deteriorates or information comes out discounting their play.

9. Hideo Nomo No argument.

8. Darryl Strawberry All the mention of steroid use when talking about the other guys and you won’t even use the phrase “drug use” for this one. Feel free to take the kid gloves off.

7. Don Mattingly Another great hitter from the time just before the steroid era who you quickly discount. The writer is difficult to please.

6. Mo Vaughn No argument,

5. Pete Rose Really? Really?! The all time hits leader in baseball is your number 5 overrated player of all time. Hell, he hardly gets any credit for what he did. This is pretty much his fault, so it doesn’t bother me, but he certainly isn’t overrated. Also, proving either his ignorance or his arrogance the writer says “Pete Rose accumulated 4,256 hits in 24 seasons. For that, he is untouchable.” Untouchable? If he’s so untouchable how come MLB came down on him so hard and cut virtually all his ties to the game. He was proof that no one is untouchable. Either the author is lacking a grasp of the English language or he chooses not to think about what he types up. That might be the single worst word you can use to describe Pete Rose.

4. Don Sutton A lot of IFs, but OK. If you’re going to make a list like this then I suppose he can be on it.

3. Carl Yastrzemski IF you take away his triple crown he wasn’t that awesome. Another huge “if”, but I won’t argue him being here too much.

2. Roger Maris I feel like Roger gets credit only for his 61* Home Run season. Because of that I don’t feel like he’s overrated.

1. Nolan Ryan Give me a break. 324 wins, 5,714 Strikeouts, 3.19 ERA. Those are pretty good numbers. You mention his win percentage was only .526. Look at those teams he played for. He didn’t have a lot of support. You tell us how he was such an inning eater. Do you know how many ways that can help a team? You don’t mention his 7 no-hitters. 7 no-hitters. That is absolutely insane. He also threw 12 1-hitters and 18 2-hitters. He was a total beast. He can’t be overrated.

One more thing. I just realized Barry Bonds is not on this list. I don’t mind that fact except for the fact that it is absolutely inconsistent with his criteria for putting so many others on the list. The list is a joke.

I do not mind disagreement and I hope this author feels the same way. I’d be willing to discuss anything I said here.

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  3. You could have saved your self some time – Bleacher Report = Joke.

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