Overrated? Let’s Discuss That. Pt. 2/3

This is part two of my effort to dismantle a “Top 50 most overrated MLB players of all time” list.
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Johnny Sain and Denny McLain

Johnny Sain and Denny McLain

35. Johnny Sain I won’t argue here. Maybe I would if I knew more about Sain, but your argument seems sound to me.

34. Bernie Williams This is one that I just might agree with you on, but as usual you argue against yourself. You put him on this list and then say “Bernie Williams was always an able hitter with a knack for coming up with clutch hits when it mattered the most. His 80 RBI and 51 extra-base hits both stand as postseason records.” So maybe that gives credence to why he’s viewed the way he is. Also you forget to factor in his musical abilities.

33. Brooks Robinson You say “A one-dimensional player is an overrated player.” How about this. A concrete statement is a dangerous statement. Take Adam Everett. Is he overrated? No. He’s one-dimensional, but not overrated so your statement is already wrong. You get notions in your head and you just run with these big bold statements. “Robinson was one of the best-fielding third basemen ever to man the hot corner, but that was all he could do.” You wrote that after you wrote “Robinson was a career .267 hitter. He hit .317 in 1964 which helped him earn the MVP Award that season.” Clearly he can hit with the consistency required of a Major Leaguer. He had 7 seasons where he hit higher than .280. Clearly he can do more than field.

32. Wade Boggs I think he gets due credit. He played in that quasi-dead ball era just before the steroid era. Not a lot of remarkable hitters were around and those who were remarkable deserve credit.

31. Edgar Martinez Again, the whole view driving this list is just wrong, which is why I have a problem with almost every single player being on this list, or at least the writer’s reason for putting them here. “Edgar Martinez could do one thing—hit. The fact that he had one job and one job only, makes him overrated.” The fact that he had one job makes him overrated. Neil Rackers is the kicker for the Houston Texans. He has one job and one job only. Therefore, he fills your criteria for being overrated, no? Regardless of the fact that NFL.com rates him as #17 among NFL kickers on their fantasy page. He still falls under your criteria. If you’re going to call a guy overrated don’t simply say one bad thing about him and then say he’s overrated. I think Edgar gets appropriate credit for being a professional hitter his entire career.

30. Sammy Sosa Odd logic you have but I’m not going to defend Sammy Sosa.

29. Denny McLain Everything I hear about Denny McLain is about he is the last 30-game winner in the Major Leagues. I don’t hear him listed among all time greats, or even all time very goods. His name comes up a lot, sure, but I wouldn’t call him overrated.

28. Mike Mussina Maybe I’m biased because I read “Living on the Black” by John Feinstein, but I really don’t think it’s fair to call Mussina overrated. The writer never mentions that he racked up 270 wins. He was a clean player and he did everything he did in the peak of the steroid era. The Steroid Era so hated by the writer. He had a 3.42 postseason ERA including a 3.00 World Series ERA. I think he gets deserved credit.

27. Larry Walker Ehh I don’t care to stick up for Larry Walker too much. He was a really good player who was fortunate enough to play in Colorado. Top 50 all time overrated? I dunno. Maybe…

26. Ken Caminiti “It is a shame that such a gifted athlete decided to cheat, and for that reason, Caminiti ends up on the overrated list.” I’m pretty sure he’s only here because he cheated. I just don’t think he was highly enough rated to register on this list.

25. Omar Vizquel Again a one-dimensional player who’s on this list for that reason. Again you give no credit to longevity or consistency. By the way, this one trick pony has over a .270 career batting average and he has over 2800 hits. In fact he probably doesn’t get enough credit for work at the plate.

24. Richie Ashburn No argument.

23. Ralph Kiner Jayson Stark puts Kiner among the most underrated players in his book, The Stark Truth: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in Baseball History. I’m not a Kiner expert but I’d tend to believe Stark over this writer.

22. Ozzie Smith I don’t want to defend Ozzie Smith, but let’s look at this quote. “Take away the glove, and Smith was nothing out of the ordinary.” You can’t take away the glove when talking about Ozzie Smith and why would you want to? To make your argument better? Ok, it works to make your argument, but only in the since that if you took Ken Griffey Jr., then took away the glove… and the bat… you’d have nothing remarkable. You could do this all day.

21. Phil Niekro I can see why he’s on the list. I don’t really see him getting more credit than he deserves from most perspectives, but if you have to make a list of 50, then OK.

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  3. Stumbled on this because I was discussing overrated baseball players with a friend. I agree with alot of your defenses of players.

    Overall, the big name steroid users are overrated by virtue that they used steroids and their stats were inflated as result. Ken Caminity, Giambi etc all won MVPs while on steroids so I understand his argument.

    I absolutely think Edgar Martinez was overrated. It’s not that being a DH is one dimensional, its that being a DH like steroids boosts your hitting stats. I’m pretty sure he went from a 20-80 hitter to a 30-100 hitter just by becoming DH. Not having to play the field, like everyone else which wears you down, being able to just focus on hitting, those things make a DH have much better hitting stats than an everyday player. So when people compare Edgar to other hitters of the era, and they do, it is completely unfair

  4. I can agree that those guys were overrated. Especially with how you worded your stance. My main issue with this writer was not the players he named, as much as it was how he argued his position. It was just so poorly thought out and explained that I did not want to let him off the hook on anyone. You managed to present a better argument with fewer words. You should take his job.

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