Home Run Derby Facts w/a Focus on the Reds

Fewest home runs to win a home run derby:My favorite player of all time, Cincinnati Red, Eric Davis in 1989 and Chicago Cub, Ryne Sandberg in 1990. Both won with only 3 home runs. Sandberg is also the only second baseman to win the derby.

Inaugural Home Run Derby winner:Another former Cincinnati Red, Dave Parker won the event in 1985, which is also the year I was born.

In 1987 only 4 players competed in the Home Run Derby. Andre Dawson won with a total of 4 home runs.

1988 the Home Run Derby wasn’t played at all, due to rain.

Ken Griffey Jr. has won the Home Run Derby three times. No one else has won twice. He also has the highest home run total in derby history (excluding swingoff playoffs)

In 2008 Josh Hamilton hit 28 Home Runs in one round. Justin Morneau won, but it was Hamilton’s day.

1991 and 1995 tied for the largest group of Cincinnati Reds with Paul O’Neill and Chris Sabo appearing in 1991 and Ron Gant and Reggie Sanders in the mix in 1995.

1994 boasted the largest group of future Cincinnati Reds in any Home Run Derby, but no one who was on the Reds at that time. Ken Griffey Jr. won the event. Rubén Sierra and Dante Bichette were the other future Reds in the game. Speaking of Jr… and speaking of Dante Bichette… How about Dante Bichette Jr.?

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