Random Link Round-up

This photo is still awesome.

This here is a link round-up. At times I’ve done them for s certain month or year… this is just… links that I think are interesting. I’m bored. This stuff deserves to be read.

The Morgan Ensberg Index Don’t you wish you had a stat named after you? Also check out his Joust video.

A note on tipping. I don’t completely buy into what he’s say, but it still needs to be read by people who have never waited tables.

The down of Barry Halper; Baseball Collecting’s Bernie Madoff
– Pretty sweet reader for memorabilia collectors.

Atlanta schools take testing seriously. Ethics be damned.

I didn’t know they existed… Washington prospects not named Bryce Harper?

This is old but I’m currently reading Hero of the Underground by ex-NFL player (and Cornhusker) Jason Peter. Did you know he’d like to spit in the face of Lou Holtz? (Good book so far by the way).

At least Dirk Nowitzki won’t be pitching this summer.

Michael Vick is better than Steve Young? Really? I guess I can think of something he does better than Steve Young. (I’m actually glad to see Vick succeed. That comparison just seems too soon.)

I already knew about a iPhone-shot music video, but this one, done for a Kurt Vile song, was done with a Windows based phone. Cool I suppose. Not too impressed.

Umm Laura Robson is cute. Maria Sharapova is better at tennis, hotter and nice enough to give some almost maternal advice.

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