Taking Back Sunday – Self-titled – 1st Impressions

Tell All Your Friends! If you are a Taking Back Sunday fan you are where you want to be. You’re gonna wanna turn the new CD up louder now, because the line-up is new again.
New, except that it’s not. Taking Back Sunday, traditionally my favorite band, (though I’ve really gone a different direction lately in musical tastes) has brought back the original line-up from the Tell All Your Friends CD, which is just awesome. Ok, all the excitement from the fact that it’s the original line-up aside, let’s actually listen to self-titled album. John Nolan, Mark O’Connell, Eddie Reyes, Shaun Cooper, and of course Adam Lazzara have put together a good CD. I’m disappointed to only say that, but I’ve only listened through it one time. When I first heard that it was the original line-up I immediately expected the world. What I’m hearing isn’t that different from New Again. The songs seem to be much more AABA then they did in Tell All Your Friend and Nolan doesn’t seem to be as present in this CD as he did in Tell All Your Friends. These are two things that made Tell All Your Friends my favorite CD of all time. I was recently looking through a box of jewel cases and there was a stack of four Tell All Your Friends cases. Me and Ryan would buy it, and then lose it and buy it and lose it… We didn’t normally lose CDs but this CD went everywhere so it had a shorter life expectancy, plus I think we both thoroughly enjoyed buying the CD time and again. As I get more familiar with this new self-titled CD maybe I’ll come back and write more about my impressions, but I doubt it (remember my Brand New – Daisy review?).

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