“Historic” Purchase

Ok so I’m abusing the word “historic” here, but I as a collector like cards that have a history, but are new enough to have come out while I was alive. Like the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas NNOF RC, 1989 Upper Deck Griffey RC. In a lot of ways I’m the opposite of a prospector. A card blows up, goes through the roof and I’ll think “Man, I want that”. 5-10 years later the market may have died for the card completely but that’s when I come back to it and buy it for the memory of what it was. I recently bought several Griffey RCs graded in the 8s and 9s. Not because I think it’s a good investment, but because I remember looking through Beckett and seeing the outrageous prices graded RCs held.

Anyways on that note I just thought of a card, well a set, that made a huge impact in recent baseball card history. 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey. I disappointed myself by thinking it was 1996, but I impressed myself by knowing it was a 3 card set Ken Griffey Jr., Tony Gwynn and Rey Ordonez (of all people). So I decided to check out the market.

I immediately struck gold. The Tony Gwynn was listed with a buy it now of $9.88 and free shipping. The guy has the listing all jacked up with it under football, certified autographs, and stuff but the actual written description describes the correct card and the seller has 100% feedback with over 6000 feedback.

So I’m pretty sure this was a good little find. If it is somehow as jacked up as the listing is then it only cost $10.

Shortly after that I searched Rey Ordonez. Another hit. For a total of about $11 I reeled one in.

So the Griffey card, the one I wanted the most to begin with is still out there. I’m not going to give it White Whale status or pretend it’s the #1 card I’m searching for in life, but it really would be awesome for my collection and I’ll be keeping an eye out.

I still need a 1989 Upper Deck Griffey.
Maybe 1994 SP A-Rod…
There’ll always be something.

PS. Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I joined the Army and currently am in Army OCS working towards earning my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.

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