Books for Soldiers

As anyone would realize were they to stumble across this blog, it’s practically defunct these days. That makes it exactly like the vast majority of blogs, but there is a big difference. The primary reason for the inactivity here is that my brother, the co-writer, has joined the Army. He’s currently waiting out a 3-week holding period between Basic Training and Officer Candidate School. The three weeks are marked by boredom it seems, and one of the few authorized outlets is reading. Unfortunately, the common bookshelves are inadequately stocked.

That’s why I’m posting here today. We’re hoping we can get some books donated to the OCS Headquarters Company at Fort Benning. There is no official process for donating books. It’s not like it’s a library. Just two bookshelves full of field manuals and the like with a lone row devoted to leisure reading.

While books with a military angle would be his preference and the most well received generally, I think it would be cool if they got literary classics and modern literary fiction. Of course, anything would be welcome—so long as you let common sense be your guide.

If interested, please send all donations to:

OC Killian, Eric
3-11th INF REGT (OCS)
6510 Benjamin Ave.
Ft. Benning, Ga. 31905

If the response is greater than the need any extra books would go to the other OCS companies and if we still had more books than space they would go to the nearby Airborne training unit. Thanks!

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