Count the Contradictions

I saw this comment in an article which stated Wal-Mart is going to start selling iPads. The comments after a news article are generally a source for some of the most inane, ignorant thoughts ever contributed to the Internet. They’re especially bad following articles relating to crime, but this one stood out because the article hardly covers a controversial topic. The crime related ones are just to easy to hate.

Wal-Mart single-handedly killed small town USA. They truly are “too big to fail” Stop and think what will happen if Wal-Mart suddenly went under.
It’s time to start pulling back and let them die a slow death.

So he has four sentences, (but only three periods) and each of them manage to work against another in some way. What is he even trying to say?

As far as the whole Wal-Mart topic goes, I believe I’m pro-Wal-Mart. I’m a big believer in capitalism and I like seeing the business that does more for the customer succeed over it’s less accommodating competitors. Sorry Mom & Pop. If Wal-Mart can do what you’re doing at a better price, then it’s time for you to go. That’s the nature of the beast. Besides, I’m sure they’d love to hire someone with your experience.

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