On The Bright Side…

I am a Red’s fan. Ryan is a Giants fan. We obviously want those two teams to win the World Series. If not the Reds then I hope the Giants win. If not the Giants he better hope the Reds win. If neither of these teams win, well someone else will. And of course on one level that will suck. But more than a Reds fan, I’m a baseball fan and here are some positives that would come from each of the other teams winning it all.

I’m putting these in the order I’d like them to win (following of course the Reds and Giants.)

1. Minnesota Twins
The name of the blog is Monozygotic. Ryan and I are Monozygotic (identical) twins. Therefore I have to choose the Twins as my first runner-up.
Actually it’s a lot more than that. As a member of Pat Neshek’s blog, I hear so much Twins talk that I’ve become something of a fan of them. They have a young, talented team and they’re a picture perfect small-market club who has discovered how to win.

Positives if the Twins win it all
I’d love for Pat Neshek to be part of a World Series winning team, even if he’s not on the play-off roster.
Jim Thome has come close but never quite captured a World Series title. With his career numbers you’d like to see that accomplishment.

If not the Twins then the…

2. Texas Rangers
They’re a Texas team, so I feel like I should have them above the Twins, but after a little consideration I decided I’d be lying if I said I’d rather they win.

Positives if the Rangers win it all
This would be another great note in the story of Josh Hamilton’s redemption.
Like Thome, Vladimir Guerrero has yet to capture a World Series ring even those he’s been one of the top players of his generation.
Texas team with a World Series win? What’s not awesome about that?
How many more shots is Darren Oliver gonna get?

If not the Rangers then the…

3. Atlanta Braves
I used to hate them as a kid. It always seemed like they were beating up on the Reds and Astros and they were always in the playoffs. Usually knocking the Astros out it seemed. But as I’ve gotten older (and grown to hate the Yankees and Red Sox) I’ve come to appreciate the classy way the organization is run and the classy ballplayers associated with it.

Positives if the Braves win it all
The obvious ones are Chipper Jones and his manager Bobby Cox. It’s Cox’s last season and it appears to be Chipper’s last season as well. It’d just be great if they won a World Series together again before hanging them up.
Also Brooks Conrad and Billy Wagner. Two former Astros, but with very different careers leading up to this point. Wagner, was always a star in Houston, and deservedly so. Conrad, I felt was never given a chance in there regardless of his numbers in Round Rock. In my mind it was because of his size, but maybe I’m just projecting my feelings of rejection due to stature onto him. Either way he’s been pretty good in Atlanta and I wish him all the best.

If not the Braves then the…

4. Philadelphia Phillies
While they don’t have any sort of hard-luck story to cling to, they still are an NL team and that’s a plus.

Positives if the Phillies win it all
Roy Halladay has never pitched in the postseason, much less won the World Series, so it’d be pretty awesome for him.
Roy Oswalt is an awesome longtime Astro who left us on as great terms as one can so I’d love to see him with a World Series win. (Isn’t it funny how my favorite team is the Reds, yet I feel like it’s proper to say “us” with the Astros. Choosing your favorite team at a young age complicates things later)
Overall I’d love to see the organization gain traction as an NL team that can hurt AL teams.

If not the Phillies then the…

5. Tampa Rays
The only drawbacks to me loving the Rays are that they’re in the AL and they are in Florida. Conversely they are in the AL East and have made life miserable for Boston and New York lately and that just makes me happy.

Positives if the Rays win it all
They’ve tasted more success than a lot of other teams but they haven’t won it all yet.
Large parts of this team will probably gone next year. It’d be awesome to see the 2008 nucleus finish what they started by winning the WS before several of them move on.
Maybe the fans will start to appreciate what they have and stop making excuses for not showing up. (Though I have heard some pretty reasonable excuses…) Not holding my breath.

If not the Rays then the…

6. San Diego Padres
Don’t laugh. They’re not eliminated yet. If I talk about San Fransisco and Atlanta I have to talk about San Diego. I don’t care much for San Diego. In fact I’d almost rather the Yankees win, but at this point it’d be a great story if the Padres recovered and went on to win it all. And at the end of the day the Yankees are still the Yankees.

Positives if the Padres win it all
I saw a lot of these guys play in AA with the San Antonio Missions (e.g. Nick Hundley, Cesar Ramos, Tim Stauffer, Will Venable, Wade LeBlanc, Chase Headley) so that almost makes it seem like they have a touch of “hometown team” to them. By the way… Was that not a great AA team? Do you usually see nuclei continue into the bigs like that? That’s pretty awesome.
Also. Heath Bell. He’s the man.

If not the Padres then the…

7. New York Yankees
Well. What can I say? Believe it or not I kind of like legacies… So it’s not too hard to find positives if the Yanks win. Also, let me let you in on a secret… I don’t so much hate the Yankees. I hate the way the media portrays the Yankees and Red Sox and sometimes forgets that there are a few other teams in baseball. That and I don’t have any respect for the way the Yankees put together their teams.

Positives if the Yankees win it all
Mostly Lance Berkman. It’d be great to see him get a World Series ring. Similarly Austin Kearns could use some jewelry.
Also Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are really classy and the idea of them winning never really gets old. Is there a way they can win without A-rod winning? That’d be optimal.

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  1. Love the post man, great read! I think that the Yankees have an unbelievable offense and that when you look top to the bottom it is seriously unfair to the other teams in the Major Leagues. However, their pitching as everyone knows is quite suspect except maybe for Sabathia. This I think is going to cause issues for them because like any sport you can’t outscore your opponents in the playoffs the same way in which you do during the regular season. Also, you think you could check out my blog? I really want to hear your thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/bottom-3/

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