Facebook Ad Fail

Facebook ads annoy me to no end. I got my degree in criminal justice so they’re usually showing some badass, yet entirely unrealistic police car, and asking me if I’m X years old, depending on how old I am at the time. Last year it would have been “24 years old? Looking for a job in criminal justice? The FBI, DEA and OSHA Need 24 year olds to fight crime!” or something like that. Now they replaced the 24 with 25, due to the fact that I had a birthday. The pictures they use are generally unappealing and ridiculous.

Today they took that to a whole new level.

Exhibit A:

Are you serious? Is that a giant squirrel? Anyone serious abut a career in criminal justice would never take that advertisement seriously. It’s embarrassing really. I feel like some asshole just googled “Guys with guns” and found something amusing and plugged it into the advertisement.

But here’s another entirely way that this whole type of advertising is stupid. I have a bachelor’s degree from an actual University in criminal justice. Yet I always get hit with advertisements from schools that ITT Tech would be ashamed to be associated with and who are trying to offer me an education in a field where I’m already educated. It’s like watching a guy buy a brand new Ford Raptor and saying “Well this guys likes to buy Fords!” and trying to sell him a Pinto. It’s just stupid.

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