David Price Tweets the Truth (and quickly apologizes)

If a picture is a thousand words, how many words is a picture with words?
Whatever the answer, showing you this picture will certainly setup the rest of my story a lot better than me describing it.

Screenshot from Price's Twitter page

So David Price was not too happy to see a crowd of about 10,000 in the stands on a night where the Rays could clinch a spot in the playoffs. He went as far as to call it embarrassing. Officially the attendance was 12,446 but it’s really bad either way.

I completely agree with Price being upset with the Tamps fans. You just can’t make Florida baseball fans happy. You give them everything (Spring training, World Series Championships) and they fail to come back. It simply isn’t a baseball state. How they got a second team I don’t understand.

But back to David Price. As firstheart42 noted, it appears David quickly learned how much his words can mean to some people. He apologized for the comment and I would assume we can expect to see more caution from him in the future. I think that’s a shame. He shouldn’t be apologizing. Tampa should be apologizing to him and the rest of the Rays.

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  1. The problem really is just that people blow things out of proportion. I personally wholeheartedly agree with Price – a first place team with a group of great players deserves a huge fanbase. But nothing is working in the Rays’ favor besides how good they are – the economy sucks, the stadium is… odd, to say the least, and from what I hear, it’s inconvenient to get to and not at all pretty inside. On top of that, I’ve heard that their season plans are not convenient at all. And the TV and radio ratings are great. They’ve got fans – they just don’t come out.

    The other thing here is that twitter operates more like word-of-mouth than it does news or an interview or a press relief. Every time someone says it, it blows it more out of proportion. There’s no tone or voice and it’s a problem, and I think that it’s one of those things that doesn’t happen on the internet.

    And, funny as this sounds, I think I’m as much a victim to that as he is. Cause here I am, covering my tracks just like him. Huh. The internet’s a real funny place like that.


    • haha I knew you weren’t coming down on him. Just pointing out that he had talked himself into trouble. I, of course, agree with Price also. I wish he hadn’t felt the need to apologize, though his apologizing does make him more likable.

  2. […] Now with this one Baltimore fans had every right to be upset. Not so much with David Price’s tweet. […]

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