TTM: Shots in the Dark

I use (SCN) to track my TTM stats and look for safe bets, in terms of who I send autograph requests to. However, sometimes it’s fun to skip the safe bet and go after an unlikely candidate. This usually ends in you never seeing your cards again. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve sent to and will never see a return from. That’s part of the game. A lot of those guys I sent to before I had my SCN account so I wasn’t trying for the long shot on purpose. In a recent case however, I did go for the long shot.

Mark Quinn played 4 seasons for the Kansas City Royals after paying for the Rice Owls in college. I’m not entirely sure why, but I always liked the guy and recently considered sending an autograph request to him. I looked him up on SCN and the numbers were glaringly bad. He had a 34% success rate and no one had been successful since 2007. I decided to put him in my TTM queue anyways and wound up sending my request a few weeks later.

38 days later I open up a self-addressed stamp envelope and find these:

And that is more exciting than getting a successful response from a guy who had a better career and a higher success rate in my opinion. Also I have already received an autograph from Dan Reichert TTM previously, so I hope that I can get the card with him and Quinn signed. It will only be my second dual-player card signed by both players (Certified autographs excluded).

Inspired by that success I am sending out the first recorded TTM attempt to Sean Lawrence tomorrow. He played seven games with the Pirates in 1998. In the past I was also the first to record a success with Antone Williamson (24 games for the Brewers in 1997) and I thought I was the first on SCN to get Danny Boone TTM, but it turned out that most people had been recording those as Dan Boone. Boone wrote me a letter though and is a really interesting guy. He’s a descendant of THE Daniel Boone and he has one of the most unlikely comeback stories in baseball history. Look it up.

While I was taking the pictures for this I also took one of the card I had Jeremy Fikac sign for me when I talked to him at a Texas State baseball practice. If you haven’t read that story check it out here.

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