Brian Giles Retires

Seeing that Brian Giles retired is no surprise. What is surprising is how I came across the news. I was just looking through transactions on and amid all the assignments and options I saw “RF Brian Giles retired.” Simple as that. I don’t know if the story made the News front page. I’m sure it didn’t make the main front page (correct if I’m wrong). I only mention this because, it’s wild how quickly a guy, even a solid major leaguer, can disappear from baseball. If I hadn’t looked at the transactions I might not have figured it out for a really long time. You’d think that the retirement of a guy with a .291 average after 15 seasons of major league ball would garner a little bit of attention. Apparently that’s not necessarily the case. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that he spent his career with the Pirates, Padres and Indians.

For kicks I’ll dig up the most interesting Brian Giles item I can find currently on eBay. This is pretty cool. It’s a 2004 Leaf Limited #19 Jersey Button #1/6. I do not have any button cards and wouldn’t pay $119 for this one, but I wouldn’t be entirely amazed if someone bought it at that price. Someone is also selling a pretty affordable game-used patch, autographed card.

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