February 2010 Link Round-up; Highlights and Lowlights

On March 1st I take my ASVAB as I begin the road to Army OCS. But before I can do that I have to post the February 2010 link dump and the military had some news that will be making this list. For starters…

An unmanned Blackhawk Helicopter is in the works
. The only drawback is this assures there will be no sequel to Black Hawk Down. <Yahoo!>

I finally saw The Hurt Lockerand I thought it was great (though I’d love to hear from actual EOD personnel). Surprisingly those brilliant people who give it out major movie awards have acknowledged it’s greatness. Will the academy? <Yahoo!>

Crime does pay, and it pays very well (in Canada). <CBC>

Ever wonder what a baseball player’s fan mail looks like? Scroll down to February 25th on Pat Neshek’s blog.

Jamie Oliver is going to save the world’s unhealthiest city (Huntington, West Virginia) from itself. If only those fat bastards will give him a chance. <Warming Glow>

Someone named Carly Fiorina is battling someone named Tom Campbell for a senate seat in California. Battling is hardly an understatement. She’s really going after the man. Don’t click that if you’re frightened by satanic sheep. <baconandcheezwhiz>

Whatever happened to Raul Mondesi. Dominican Republic politics. <LA Times>

Mike Milbury (yeah the “Eurotrash” guy) of NBC apparently has no respect for bloggers. Or maybe I’m just trying to make this a big media vs. bloggers incident when in fact Milbury has no respect for anyone. He’s a punk. <gunaxin>

Don’t you love it when horrible luck and fantastic luck converge in one instance? At least when fantastic luck is the victor… Some big mountain skier named Callum Pettit experienced this in a big way. I just used the word “big” twice. Think that’s bad, listen to how many times they use the word “super”. <Deuce of Davenport>

The relationship between Bud Selig and the Milwaukee Brewers has always bothered me. It just got worse. <ESPN>

While you’re at ESPN, see what “Scout X” has to say. <ESPN>

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai… Proof that all the money in the world doesn’t necessarily make a worldclass tourist attraction. I feel like we’ll be singing “Goodbye Dubai” soon. <Yahoo!>

Random charity mention for a friend. This fundraiser is in place to fight hunger in Massachusetts. I’m a big believer in supporting small charities so I thought I’d add the shout out.

Yes. Yes Rick Perry. I agree that unnarmed Predator Drones on the Texas border would be helpful. If he keeps up this talk, I might actually vote for the guy. <Dallasnews>

MTV is finally admitting they took the “Music Television” out of MTV. Don’t ask anyone what MTV stands for now. <Yahoo! TV>

I just talked to someone who was at Fort Hood during the shooting. But it’s a huge base and he didn’t really have much to say about it. These victims are saying “thanks”. <KHOU>

Wanna be a hero? Buy a snowblower. <Washington Post>

What do you think of when you hear the name “Eric Hinske”? I’ll tell you what you should think. “Winner”. The guy has played on three different teams in the past three World Series. <MLB.com>

This is just ridiculous. A school in Pennsylvania sent laptops home with students and then used them to spy on the kids at home. Allegedly. <boingboing>

I like to think I’m quite the Cincinnati Reds fan. However this old nun was more of a Houston Astros fan than I’ll ever be a Reds fan. RIP Sister Damian Kuhn <Houston Chronicle>

Sometimes you just have to watch curling. Usually to try and figure out why anyone would watch curling. Watch it now though. It may not be around forever. <Yahoo!>

Marina & the Diamonds. Interview. <Nialler9>

It wasn’t the handshake. It was the lack thereof. <The Big Lead>
I didn’t represent nearly enough blogs in this roundup. If you see (or write) something that should get a March mention let me know.

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