Manny Being Selfish (Also known as “Manny Being Manny”)

“PHOENIX — Manny Ramirez said Monday that 2010 will be his final season with the Dodgers.” Stop right there. Before I even address the rest of this article. Why is Manny telling us this in February? What benefit can it possibly have for the L.A. Dodgers? The season hasn’t even started yet and he’s decided to go generate some buzz for himself at the expense of his team. The act is getting old. Someone needs to bring him down a notch.

“I know I won’t be here next year, so I’ll just enjoy myself,” Ramirez said. “I’m happy I’m here now, I just know I won’t be back. I’ll wait until September and check out the numbers and see where we’re at.

Blah, blah. You’ll just enjoy yourself? So this will just be a laidback, “fun” season for you? Maybe it’s just me, but the way he said that seems to show that he has no concern for the Dodgers organization. Playing baseball in the majors is a job. Jobs aren’t always fun. So what then Manny? What if it’s not fun? What if Torre isn’t ok with your approach and lets you know it?

Manager Joe Torre and general manager Ned Colletti have said they intend to give Ramirez more rest this season, although he didn’t sound on board with that.

“I think you should talk to [Torre] and see what he’s going to do,” Ramirez said. “I’m the employee here. Whatever they want me to do.”

Oh, he’s a real company man alright. He’s ok with being “the employee” now, when no one is giving him orders he doesn’t like. Give it a few weeks.

Already speaking in the past tense, Ramirez said leaving would not be a reflection on his time spent playing in Los Angeles.

“I wish I could have been there a long time ago,” he said. “I had a blast there.”

Did he really just say that? What is the 2010 season to him? It sounds like he’s just gonna be mailing it in. I personally am completely over Manny being Manny. He can go be Manny outside of baseball if that’s more important to him than the game.

Funny thing to note. Last year he gets caught using steroids. This year he hints at retirement. Oh, did he suddenly lose his touch?

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