Less of a Shotgun Wedding, More of a Handgun Wedding

I just read a story about this 21 year old, Indian male, Pankaj Kishore Karotia who had just got married. His uncle decided to fire a celebratory gunshot in the air. Sadly, (or “naturally”) “As he was loading it, it fired accidentally and hit his newly-wed nephew in the head.” First of all, while I buy the part that shooting the nephew was an accident, I don’t buy “As he was loading it, it fired accidentally”. Maybe, I would accept “Shortly after loading it, he accidentally fired the gun” or “as planned he loaded the gun, and fired his celebratory shot. Due to his intoxication the bullet did not follow the Uncle’s intended trajectory and instead took a path into Pankaj’s head.” Yes, that sounds reasonable. The gun didn’t just “go off” and I resent the fact that that’s the impression we’re given.

That aside, why celebrate with gunfire in the first place? I have no problem with the uncle carrying a gun to the celebration if he was a person who would retain all his faculties and only produce the gun in emergency. But the man obviously isn’t even carrying it loaded if the story it accurate. Carrying a loaded gun has it’s dangers, but it also has it’s purpose. Carrying an unloaded gun has virtually no reasonable purpose. Carrying an unloaded gun and then deciding to load it in a crowded place (while intoxicated?) is even worse. Then doing so with the intention of firing it? Wow. If you compound all of those mistakes, someone has to die. It’s just math.

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