Leverage Lost Me

Ok, to be honest Leverage, the TNT drama, never had me. I had never seen a show and the premise looked ridiculous. As wikipedia simplifies it

“Leverage follows a five-person team of thieves, computer experts and con artists, headed up by former insurance investigator Nate Ford, who use their skills to right corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on common citizens.”

Pretty stupid right? Of course the do-gooders often (from what I can tell) seem to run afoul of the law (of course it’s always justifiable) but they always outsmart the blundering law enforcement officials. That annoys me, but maybe it has to do with my background in law enforcement. But if that wasn’t arrogant enough they decided to disgrace the game of baseball in season 2, episode 14. It’s the only episode I’ve ever watched or will ever watch and I failed to finish it. In this episode they give one of their guys the job of posing as a minor league baseball players complete with a false history including a “cup-of-coffee” with the Royals and a stint in Japan.

This is already an insult to the intelligence of baseball fans and players everywhere. Are they not aware of baseball-reference.com? Do they not understand that creating an identity who played in the majors is impossible? Between Baseball-reference, MLB.com, and all of those hundreds of other datasources, which include boxscores of virtually every game ever played in the MLB it would be elementary to prove that this person was a fraud. But that’s not enough for them. The guy they plant, who expresses a disdain for baseball, proceeds to be a stellar player and a leader on the team. It’s just completely ridiculous and totally cheapens how difficult it is to be a professional ballplayer. How that crap makes it to TV I’ll never understand.

P.S. Who would’ve thought I’d use the word “Leverage” in the title of two of my last three blog posts?

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