Brings the Leverage! *yawn*

In a move that evidences how devoted to they Yankees, Major League Baseball is’s lead story today is on Brett Gardner and the fact that he spent the offseason perfecting his bunting in hopes of being the opening-day starter in New York. The Yankees are the last team who need the attention, and Brett Gardner, at 26 is not in anyway an exciting prospect. The only thing interesting about him is that he might be one of the rare players developed by New York to become a regular starter.

Wouldn’t you rather read about an exciting prospect? I understand baseball news is slow this time of year, but “26 year old practices bunting so that he might become a starter” is quite the stretch. There is a lot more to baseball than the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox and it would behoove the MLB to act like it. Maybe if they would try to generate more excitement for baseball through out the entire nation, and work with the rest of the national media to do the same (I’m lookin’ at you ESPN) then fans would respond by showing more interest in the other baseball teams out there.

UPDATE: 2/15/10 Headline “Granderson brings flexibility to Yankees’ outfield

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  1. […] win. Also, let me let you in on a secret… I don’t so much hate the Yankees. I hate the way the media portrays the Yankees and Red Sox and sometimes forgets that there are a few other teams in baseball. That and I don’t have any […]

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