Another Political Misstep for that Blundering Fool Farouk Shami

Farouk Shami opened his mouth again. Naturally his minute shot at being Texas’s next Governor further diminished. What bothers me about this man is his arrogance. He thinks just because he is wealthy that he knows something about America, Farouk ShamiAmerican people and Texas. In fact he’s just a sheltered rube who is finally going to learn that, outside his internal group of yes-men and social suck-ups his views are ridiculous and quite bluntly stupid.

He was discussing Texans working in factories when he said “A majority of the people are going to be Hispanic and African-American,” he said. “You don’t find white people who are willing to work in factories. And our history proves lots of time when … the white people come to work in a factory they either want to be supervisors or they want to be paid more than the average person. And unfortunately they exit.”
Wow. Political figures just aren’t allowed to make generalizations based on race. It’s not a viable move for any candidate. Even it if were true it would be uncalled for. The article I linked to goes on to provide a quote refuting his bizarre statement from someone who is… wait for it… Informed! Wow, now there’s an idea.

Shami responded to a question about illegal immigration by saying: “A day without Mexicans is a day without sunshine.”

Unreal. Illegal immigration is a huge problem and this is all this gubernatorial candidate has to say on the issue? Now we know he’s one of those documentary-made geniuses.

The fool also alluded to the fact that he believes a government conspiracy could have been behind the September 11 attacks. All this info is from just one article. I’m scared to do more research on the guy. He’s maddeningly ignorant, misinformed, arrogant and hypocritical. I’ve never come across a political candidate I had so much disdain for.

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  1. Farouk Shami’s business has landed in court often

    Austin American-Statesman Feb 1, 2010
    The company had hired Coral Olsen as human resources manager, according to court records. Olsen, a 15-year human resources professional, declined to be interviewed for this story but said in court documents that she was the company’s first human resources director. At the time, the company had more than 300 workers and 1,500 part-time stylists. (Educators teaching classes)

    Olsen said in court documents that she discovered several sexual harassment complaints and then met resistance — from Shami and company President Shauky Gulamani — when she tried to implement the company’s first written policy on the issue.

    “Farouk Systems’ arrogance, degradation, treating female employees as inferior and generally talking down to females is simply a matter of course and an established and accepted pattern at Farouk Systems,” Olsen said in court documents. “This behavior was persistently defended as the way of their normally accepted Middle Eastern culture.”

    Court documents show Olsen was fired three weeks after being hired. Farouk Systems denied the claims, and the case was dismissed in 2005.

    Of Olsen, Shami said: “I do not know who this person is, but this is far away from the truth. … We protect women and women’s rights. We don’t have sexual harassment.”

    Shami said he has an open-door policy to discuss such concerns. He added that sexual harassment is highly unlikely because most of his workers are women and most of the few men are gay.

    “Hairdressers don’t sexually harass women,” Shami said. “Especially when you have 80, 90 percent women. I mean, how could that happen?”

    Except that Farouk’s sons are not hairdressers.

  2. […] and like 19 other candidates. I’ve already covered why I’m am so anti-Farouk Here and Here so I won’t revisit that. But if you need another reason to hate him, listen to this […]

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