Refreshingly Blunt Thoughts From Mark Grace

I was just looking through the January 25, Sports Illustrated with Brett Favre on the cover and I came across a little blurb in their Scorecard section. Former Chicago Cub and Arizona Diamondback, Mark Grace was explaining why it was he never used steroids in his playing career. “I just new that stuff was really bad for you. I am single now. I was a single guy then. I like my sex life. I want to be able to perform. It’s kind of funny. It’s kind of not. That stuff will tear you up as far as your manhood is concerned.”

Now how’s that for perspective? Hey, whatever it takes to motivate you to play the game cleanly is alright by me.

Venturing over to eBay to find the most interesting Mark Grace item on there I was surprised to discover that there’s not a lot in the way of high-end memorabilia or cards of the guy. One auction did stand out. As usual it stood about for being overpriced, but considering it’s from 1996, it’s actually interesting that there are only 30 of this card. Super low print-runs were not widespread back then. The card is a 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold. I remember the Select Certified Mirror Gold cards being extremely rare and expensive, but hadn’t thought about them since oh… 1996? The seller is asking for a whopping $249.99… Luckily for him I bet there are some die-hard Mark Grace completionists out there who just might be tempted.

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