Jacque is Bacque

Jacque Jones spent the first 7 seasons of his Major League career in Minnesota with the Twins. Now he will possibly finish his career there. Or maybe his career will gets it’s second-wind and he will be around a few more years.

My first thought was to say that he doesn’t have much of a shot to make the big league roster this year. He hasn’t played since last year’s spring training, when he hit .089 for the Reds. .089… Ouch. (Granted, that was with only 45 ABs.) Then I noticed who he’ll be competing with and I really think he’ll have the opportunity to win a spot. It’s just so hard to say because I have no idea what he’ll bring to the plate in spring training.

His outfield competition is not incredibly stiff. We will certainly see Denard Span, Michael Cuddyer and Delmon Young in the Twins outfield next season, but after that the only other outfielder on the depth chart is Jason Kubel who will also be DHing. One problem for Jones is that the Twins have at least three guys listed as infielders in Brendan Harris, Nick Punto and Alexi Casilla who could be used as outfielders if the needs arises. From among his fellow Non-roster invitees we can’t really expect Ben Revere to be competition as he’s expected to start in AA. Rene Tosoni on the other hand could be considered stiff competition, as he has begun to display some real ability for the Twins, but what am I saying? He hasn’t even experienced AAA yet. The same goes for Juan Portes. So why not Jacque? If he’s not a broken-down former player then it looks like he’s needed in Minnesota. We’ll find out in a few weeks who the 2010 Jacque Jones is.

Whatever the case I now have an excuse to post a picture of this Jacque Jones card I own. Anyone want to trade for it?

Hey 5/15!

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