I Have to Say It… Who Dat?

Drew BreesJust a blurb here, but I just finished watching Super Bowl XLIV and that was a great game. It was a lot closer than the final score of 31-17 made it appear and it was great watching the New Orleans Saints keep their heads up and after the Colts jumped out to an early 10-0 lead. The Colts simply dominated the first quarter and it looked as though they might be unstoppable. But Brees and his guys stuck together and turned things around in the second quarter. They didn’t score any touchdowns, but they started moving the ball. Kicker Garret Hartley was superb when he was needed and then Brees and his offense started doing what they do.

Sean Payton was gutsy throughout the game. It didn’t always work out, but when they recovered that onside kick, I think any doubters realized the Saints could win the game. Yahoo’s NFL blogger over at The Shutdown Corner is eating his words right now after posting a hast first-half blog about Sean Payton’s vanity. I’d argue his goal-line decision in that first half didn’t hurt the Saints at all. Not only because they ended up with a field goal, but also because he showed his guys he believed in them. How could he have expected them to come out of the tunnel all fired-up for an onside kick attempt after the half, if he hadn’t just shown such trust in them?

Another thing that made this game great is there were very few penalties and none were pivotal. Additionally there were very few plays reviewed. After a Texas-Alabama game and a New Orleans/San Diego playoff game this year that were both marred by such things, this Super Bowl was very refreshing. Also Dwight Freeney was in the game and he brought it. The Saints didn’t overcome a second-rate defense. They overcame the real deal.

I haven’t even gotten into the backstories behind this Super Bowl. Brees and all the Saints and their relation with New Orleans. Pierre Garcon and his family in Haiti.Pierre Garcon and the Haitian Flag These all helped make the game great, but even without them it was a good game.

Of course I have to mention the commercials. I’m always a sucker for the E-Trade commercials and the 2010 ones are good. Also the Budweiser brand had all sorts of good commercials. Good times.

Well this turned into more than a blurb but it certainly wasn’t an analytical breakdown of the game. If I ever try that, you might need to knock me down a peg.

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